Experience camp - horse as a friend

Experience camps for adults and young adults (over age 12) and adult + child.

Welcome to spend an unforgettable experience camp with horses to Nuuksio national park. We don't ride during these camps but concentrate on all the other things you can do with horses, precisely together with the horses.

We do picnics in the forest with the horses, walks in the amazing landscapes of Nuuksio, carriage rides, horse agility, chatting by a fire, hanging out with the horses, getting to know all sorts of things, brushing and caring. We lie in hammocks and spend nice time together.  

You can get to know our horses as their own personalities and the species-specific life of theirs. 

The camp is executed with the ''horse as a friend''-theme, you can read more about this in the section ''horse as a friend''. Our Fjord horse Felix, American bashkir curly Elli and thoroughbred Arabian mares Miina and Galla are all their own personalities and they each have their own strengths... 

The camp includes accommodation and food, we have a variety of places where to sleep. The camp starts on Friday at 6 pm and ends on Sunday at 4 pm. In weekdays the camp starts on Monday at 6 pm and ends on Wednesday at 4 pm.  

The camps have 4 participants. Adult + child camps have the maximum of 4-6 participants.

Future camps:


Mon-Wed 28.-30.6. Young adults FULL


Fri-Sun 2.-4.7 Child + adult FULL

Mon-Wed 12.-14-7. Adults FULL

Fri-Sun 30.7.-1.8. Adults FULL


Fri-Sun 6.-8.8. Adults FULL

Fri-Sun 13.-15.8. Child + adult FULL

Fri-Sun 27.-29.8. Adults FULL


Fri-Sun 10.-12.9. Adults

Fri-Sun 24.-26.9. Child + adult 


Fri-Sun 8.-9.10. Adults

Mon-Wed 18.-20.10. Young adults (over age 12) AUTUMN HOLIDAY

Fri-Sun 22.-24.10. Adults 

Fri-Sun 29.-31.10. Adults with a HALLOWEEN theme :) 

Adults/young adults

Fri-Sun/Mon-Wed includes accommodation and food. The price includes VAT 24%


Adult + child

Fri-Sun/Mon-Wed includes accommodation and food. The price includes VAT 24%


Retainer when enrolling

The retainer is not refunded in the event of cancellation.