Picnic with a horse 

A picnic with a horse/horses in the Nuuksio national park is an amazing experience for all, whether you're an experienced horse person or just going for a hike with family. We can plan the trip according to your needs. Some long for silence, to calm down in nature by horses, others a brisk excercise while chatting to other people. The forest trip doesn't include horseback riding. With children we'll plan a really different kind of trip than for adults. When we have small children, for security reasons we'll only take as many horses as we have adults that know how to handle them.   

The picnic includes getting to know the horses, brushing and caring. Afterwards we'll go for a walk in the forest while leading a horse/horses, the supplies will be carried by our Fjord horse Felix! When arriving to the rest spot we take care of the horses' drinking and feeding followed by relaxing, eating snacks and listening to nature while the horses munch hay next to us. When arriving back we take care of the horses and free them to their pasture. With us the horses are able to live as natural life as possible, in a herd around the clock, moving inside and out as they please, having lots of space to move and are also without shoes. The horses are our family members, cared with love. Welcome to get to know us! (If you want to spend more time getting to know the horses and spend a longer day with us, take a look at ''horse as a friend'' course or day.)
NOTE! The picnic does not include riding!

Take your own snacks for the picnic, coffee/tea/juice/water are included. 

Take contact and we'll plan a trip just for you! paivi.karkkainen@minas.fi 
The picnic lasts about 2- 2,5 h. Walking 1-5 km.

You can get to us easily with the bus 245A from the centre of Espoo! 


The prices include VAT 24%

Picnic 1 person


Picnic 2 people


Picnic 3 people


Picnic 4 people


Picnic 5 people or more

52€/per person