Limb correction for horses

Many horses have gotten help for their problems with limb correction. If you're horse has different sized problems and it's been vetted and there seems to be nothing wrong with the horse, you should try limb correction.
kuva: Tuuli Jääskeläinen
kuva: Tuuli Jääskeläinen
kuva: Susanna Malmström
kuva: Susanna Malmström

My treatment for the horse is limb correction and massage that supports it.

If your horse has for example:

- a limp that doesn't have a clear reason

- difficulty to lift or keep up a leg

- obliqueness/lopsidedness (for example difficulty to take up canter/to canter to other rein)
- stiffness in gaits, difficulties in transitions
- tantrums when saddling up/tightening the girth
- head tossing
- continuous/repeating muscle pains
- shoes/boots/hoofs that wear out unevenly
- nonspecific pain states

then you may find help in limb correction. My treatment is gentle, happens according to the horse's terms and nothing gets clicked where they belong by force.  

The treatment happens where the horse lives, in a familiar, calm place. 

The treatment lasts about an hour. 

My limb correction is the cooperation of eyes, hands and heart. 

kuva: Susanna Malmström
kuva: Susanna Malmström

I have a Handy Cure S laser that can be used to treat for example inflammations and tightness in muscles, joint problems etc. The treatment speeds up the healing process of inflamed tissue, causes cell regeneration and improves micro blood flow. The device combines low power laser radiation, pulsing infrared radiation, visible red light and static magnetic radiation. The treatment improves local blood circulation which decreases asphyxia, easing pain at the same time.

The laser has helped horses a lot, also the owners see the effect of the laser from the horse's reactions. Many times if there has been a painful spot that the horse won't let anyone touch, it has been treatable after the laser. I often treat my own sore muscles and joints so I know that it really helps! 

Top picture before treatment, lower picture after two sessions

Usually the horses enjoy the treatment, especially after they realize that I can help them. Sometimes if a horse is really sore, it's not really treatment positive during the first time but is a lot more on the second try. If a horse is really sore I suggest three session. Many benefit from regular treatments, in that case the muscle pains and pain states don't get to arise. It's great to see that the horses who know me can already tell me themselves where the problem is and know that I'll take care and help. 

kuva: Susanna Malmström
kuva: Susanna Malmström

Limb correction about 1h

+ next starting ½h 30€

The price includes mileage in Helsinki metropolitan area and on the rounds