Horse as a friend

In Espoo, in the Nuuksio national park is located a small open shed stable where you can get to know horses whose living conditions and handling is formed with a principle of what kind of an animal a horse really is. Our horses, Fjord horse gelding Felix, American bashkir curly mare Elli and thoroughbred Arabian mares, sisters Miina and Galla live in an open shed stable, where they have the freedom to move inside and out as they please and they have a lot of open space to move, which is really important for horses. Our horses are shoeless, mainly bitless and members of our family, whom are treated softly and with respect.  

You have an opportunity to get to know these horses' lives and how a horse can be a partner and a friend. To see, how horses can teach people and not only the other way around. How you can get a sense of peace and strength only from their presence, admire their beauty and movement. How nice it is to only be present for the horse, see how they enjoy caring and brushing. Quiet down to listen the horses munching hay or the sounds from Nuuksio's amazing nature.

During a five time ''course'' we get to know Felix, Elli, Miina and Galla, whom are all their own, great character (don't be startled because of the word ''course'', it's not strict or task-oriented teaching, it's only the easiest word to use at this point...)

We go deep into what kind of an animal a horse really is and what a horse's species-specific life is. We care, brush and smell the scent of a horse. Ground handling and picnics, also for example horse agility or rein steering. We get to know shoelessness, bitlessness and the possible challenges they may bring. After every occasion there's coffee and small snacks, at which time we can sit down and go through our thoughts in a congenial company. This moment can be implemented by a camp fire, in the woods or somewhere else nice! Each session lasts about two hours.  

The course has the maximum of 4 people so everyone has their ''own'' horse. It's also possible to attend with your own, bigger group, in which case we can concentrate on topics the group finds interesting. The price and content forms according to the group. 

The course does not include riding, we focus on other things horses can provide us. 

Who does the course fit?

- you, who has experience with horses and want to be near them but feel like a riding school is not your cup of tea and you rather miss something else.

- horse owner, who's interested in for example open sheds/ shoelessness/ bitlessness but still ponders many things.

- horse owner, who feels alone with these thoughts.

- you, who just loves horses and nature, and/or is missing congenial company

- you, who wants to get to know thoroughbred Arabians, an American bashkir curly or a Fjord horse as a breed.

- or you, who doesn't have much experience about horses but would like to learn and get to know them.

The courses are for adults but we also have adult + child -courses. We also have courses for young adults, 13-17 year-olds. Ask separately about the courses of children and young adults!  

We're located in the Nuuksio national park, in Kattila. You can get to us easily with the bus 245A from the center of Espoo. In summer the bus takes you to our gates, in winter it leaves you a bit further but collection is possible for the rest of the way! We are however away from the public rest spots and routes, so we have our own peace. 

Course max. 4 people.

Adult/child course max. 6 people.

Every session lasts about 2 hours including a coffee/tea/juice and small snacks. You can either attend the course on a specific day of the week in a five-week period or choose the days that fit you from the list below:

Wednesdays, 11-13

Wednesdays, 17.30-19.30

Sundays, 15-17 

5 times-card should be used within two months from purchase, 10 times-card within four months from purchase.   

Aside from multiple sessions you can also choose a ''Horse as a friend''- day that lasts about 5 hours.  


The prices include VAT 24%

  Note! Unused sessions are not refunded. 

Horse as a friend -card 5x

Adults/young adults 5 sessions, 2h /per session


Horse as a friend -card  Adult+child

 5 sessions, 2h /per session


Horse as a friend -card 10x 

Adults/young adults 10 sessions, 2h /per session


Horse as a friend -day

Duration about 5h

including a coffee/tea/juice, take your own packed lunch!


Horse as a friend -day


including coffee/tea/juice, take your own packed lunch!


Horse as a friend

Photo gallery of our horses' lives