Experience days

For groups, companies, organizations etc.

You can arrange an experience day for maximum of 20 people with a theme of nature and horses. We customize the day according to your needs, for example the horses can only be the landscape of the day or the day can be built around the horses. You can choose activities such as yard games, carriage ride, forest trip with the horses or chilling by a fire or in the woods. Others can also choose a carriage ride and others go on a guided walk in the forest in the meantime. 

The customer can have their own theme of which the content will be planned around, where the theme can be seen in different ways. We have many places where people can split in groups and if it rains we have shelter, even tho we are mostly outdoors. 

The eating usually happens by a fire or somewhere outside and coffee time in the woods or possibly at some rest spot in the Nuuksio national park.  

We don't have horseback riding in our program, we operate with a ''horse as a friend''-theme. The horses are friendly and nice, as long as they're treated with respect. Our horses Miina, Galla, Felix and Elli are all their own personalities and they can teach us a lot, we just have to stop and listen.

Fjord horse Felix acts more as our ''work horse'', takes people for cart/carriage/sleigh rides or carries picnic snacks on his back. Miina and Galla, beautiful thoroughbred Arabians, have sensitive souls. Especially Miina has amazing emotional intelligence, she acts very beautifully with children and people who are afraid of horses. 

Miina easily senses people's sorrow and approaches offering her consolation. When we listen to horses and understand their differences and personality traits we notice that they have a lot of similarities with us humans. Although our horses are kind they do have hyperactivity and restlessness, one is slow and sullen who sometimes tests my nerves, other slowly warming and mistrustful. And they are all accepted just as they are and the life goes on with the traits, they are not modified as people want.  

The best trait in horses is that they accept people just as they are. You just have to be fair to them.

In the Nuuksio national park each season is amazing in their own way and the themes shape according to season, in summer there's abundant, beautiful greenness. Proceeding autumn is gorgeous from the color changing leaves to November's pitch-dark austerity. If we get some snow in winter we can go on a sleigh ride. Also spring with its migratory birds is a wonderful period.

August's darkening evenings...

If you'd like to organize a recreational day, celebration, an event, get-together, take contact paivi.karkkainen@minas.fi and let's plan an experience day just for you! 

A Swedish hunting carriage approximately from the 1920s, Felix as a pull horse is at your service on an experience day if you'd like. In winter sleigh rides according to the weather.

Price example with morning-afternoon meals/per person (includes VAT 24%)


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